New Launch

Au Pied Du Mont Chauve

Francine Picard came back to her home, Burgundy, and joined the family business in late 90s, she is presently managing all the Domaines of the Picard Family in Côte de Beaune and Côte Châlonnaise.


Since 2010, she decided to slowly cut down the treatment on the vines to its strict minimum, and implemented environmental friendly techniques for most of the vineyards. She then applied biodynamic viticulture in order to get great quality of grapes, high precision in wines and at the same time working respectfully with mother nature.


Today, Domaines Famille Picard covers 110 hectares that are operated under a sustainable and eco-friendly way (including Au Pied du Mont Chauve 30 hectares 100% biodynamic). Since May 2019 Antoine Lepetit de la Bigne, viticulturist specialized in biodynamics joined the Picard Family and filled in the position of vineyard and winemaking manager to walk with the family towards this fascinating way of vine-growing. At last, the desire of Francine to preserve the soils and to strengthen the biodiversity remain her major concern.