#StraitsTalk: It’s Always Wine o’Clock

Just look at the time — the clock always reads ‘Wine O’Clock’ at Straits Wine! Our monthly curation of specially priced wines are take you from day-ish to night, and then some. We know it’s not always easy choosing a tipple for yourself or as

#BYOB – Tips on How to Build Your Own Bar

Whether you’re starting to #BYOB or looking for new wines to add to your prized collection, a well-stocked wine bar at home is a must for any wine lover. For us, the ideal home collection serves to not only impress guests or cater to special

The Colours of Wine, Explained

Credit: Vivino If you’ve seen wine tasting notes, you’ve probably noticed that the colour of wine is usually mentioned. ‘Straw yellow’ and ‘ruby red’ have become common descriptors when talking about wine, but what do the colours really mean? Behind every wine’s colour tells a layered

Wine 101: Guide to Old World and New World Wines

“Best of Both Worlds” August Promotion - a selection of old and new world wines  We’re always hearing experts refer to wines based on the Old World and New World, but besides geographical distinctions, what are the key differences? From the rolling vineyards in France and

A Quick and Easy Guide to Biodynamic Wines

With a slew of new labels on wines – natural, organic, low-intervention and what have you, it’s hard to keep up with what each of them mean. Biodynamic wines are a relatively novel term among oenophiles; they refer to very specific farming, harvesting and making