Wine Region: Adelaide Hills, Australia

Grape: Sauvignon Blanc

Tasting Notes

Hand-harvested fruit from Anton's untamed vineyard goes into barrel and gets left alone. The result: yuzu, meadowsweet and white stonefruit in the glass with a beautifully balanced line of minerality and acidity to give it direction. Textured, fruitful, fresh, pure. Oddly enough, this wine is incredibly approachable despite its "Wildman" moniker.

About the Winery

Some maintain that wine has never been better, cleaner, more consistent, or travelled so well as it does today. Equally, wine has never been made with so many pesticides, additives, preservatives and processes. The concept of wine’s ‘poetry’, its artistry or romanticism, or its exceptionality as a product with a sense of place is becoming rarer. Wines (and other drinks) at RAW WINE are not that. They are natural, artisan products.

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