The Bibich Winery is located in the hills of Skradin, 5 miles east of the idyllic port city of Šibenik, along Croatia’s island speckled coast. Across the Adriatic from Italy, it is roughly in line with the wine hills of Tuscany. The vineyards are around the tiny village of Plastovo, and clearly defined by the primitive looking rock pile/walls that are the result of clearing the fields for vines. What plots of soil can be found are just the broken down bits of the solid limestone hills.Grapes are delivered to the winery in small plastic crates. With the exception of the fresh stainless steel fermented Debit, all Bibich wines are fermented with native yeast, sometimes in stainless steel, sometimes in barrique, and usually aged in barrel for 12 months or more. Interestingly, Alen ages his white R5 Reserva and red R6 Riserva in American oak barrique. However, and despite the often overwhelming nature of this kind of wood, with Alen’s wines it’s more like a touch of salt to bring a dish to life. The integration is remarkable, unique in the region, and great with food.