Our story is one of comings and goings between two villages: Mardeuil and Fleury-la Rivière. It all started when François Gamet, who was born in Fleury-La-Rivière, went to help his grandmother, Victoire, who had a smallholding in Mardeuil where she grew grapes and other crops. Before long François settled in Mardeuil and started a family, but his son, Philippe met a girl from Fleury-la-Rivière who later became his wife; her name was Fabienne and she was the daughter of grape growers as well. Both fathersin-law, François on the one side and Robert on the other, worked in the vineyards. To say that it was tough would be an understatement: most of the work was done by hand with rudimentary tools and of course they had to go out to work whatever the weather. Although Robert was a vineyard labourer he was ambitious and he decided to buy a few plots of land where he could plant his own vines and become his own boss – it was a bold thing to do, especially in those days.