Wine Region: Northern Rhone Valley, France

Grape: Marsanne, Roussanne 

Tasting Notes

A wonderful golden yellow with silver highlights, this wine is full of light, it shines.

The nose develops from the outset with notes of fresh, white-fleshed fruit like wild peach, apricot and candied pear. Then notes of hazelnut and rosebud come to the fore, pleasantly enhancing the complexity.

The palate is full with a nice sucrosité, which gives a wonderful impression of candies, reminiscent of calissons. Finally, the finish with its freshness and the tension balances the sensations and gives length.

About the Winery

In 1769 a village assembly at the request of Claude François Mure de Larnage new lord attributes a piece of vineyard to each family and this for his personal consumption. From this era of lords until the 1930s the family property will expand a few neighboring plots, vinify its wines and sell them for local consumption. At the return of the property by Louis Belle (Philippe's grandfather), a profound change will take place. Indeed Louis BELLE liked to work his vines but did not like to vinify the wine, and he joined the cellar cooperative Tain l'Hermitage in 1933. However, as a grand winemaker, he will continue to acquire some beautiful parcels on the commune of Larnage and Tain l'hermitage. When his son Albert took over the family estate in the 1970s, the estate spread over two villages (Larnage and Tain) and covered about 4 ha.


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