Distillery Region: Madrid, Spain

Type of Spirit: Gin

Tasting Notes

Spanish botanicals: Fresh lemon peel, fresh lime peel, liquorice root, pistachio nuts, raspberries (fresh when in season, freeze dried when not), cinnamon, white pepper, dry ginger & fresh rosemary. Imported: Juniper, coriander seed, cardamom and angelica and orris root.

About the Distillery

SANTAMANÍA IS AN URBAN DISTILLERY where traditional distilling techniques meet cutting-edge technology, creating signature craft spirits.
In our sophisticated copper stills, we produce CRAFT spirits with genuine quality and exquisite natural raw materials. We don’t use sweeteners, preservatives, etc. Just carefully selected natural ingredients. This, along with a small-batch distilling process that we control from beginning to end, guarantees that our PASSION FOR DETAIL is reflected in the essence of every signed bottle.

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