Wine Region: Adelaide Hills, Australia

Tasting Notes

Australian aperitif. Riberries aren't the only stars in this beverage - alongside we see Davidson Plum, Lemon Myrtle, Blood Limes ,Strawberry Gumleaf, Gentian Root, Licorice Root, Wormwood, Sweet Orange Peel, Cassia Bark and Cinchona Bark (to name a few). Red Okar is the grown up big brother of Okar - a higher alcohol aperitif, with a more intense Riberry-hit. Best served in a Negroni with Applewood Gin.

About the Winery

"Being winemakers, we're two people incredibly passionate about the soil and produce we have in Australia. It's our contention to showcase products to the rest of the world that embrace Australian native ingredients and pay homage to the custodianship of the indigenous people who maintained the land for thousands of years."


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