Wine Region: Loire, France

Grape: Sauvignon Blanc

Tasting Notes

Pale yellow with a bright silver highlights. Intense with floral notes of elderberry, hawthorn and rhubarb. After a short aeration, appear the exotic fruits (passion fruit, mango), followed by lemon, orange and roasted hazelnut. The attack is frank, very well balanced between freshness, a very pleasant volume, and a very interesting density. The acidity gradually comes to the fore, culminating in very fine freshness, then appear notes of elderberry and rhubarb. 101 Rangs presents a very good length, displaying mineral, white flowers, and a very nice salty finish, sotypical of our Flinty Terroir. 

About the Winery

Located 200km south of Paris on the hillsides of the Loire, the Pouilly Fumé vineyard has about a hundred vine growers on 1200 ha with a production of 70 000 hl. The terroir composed of flinty clay, marl with small Kimmeridgian oysters and limestone or clot, allows the sauvignon to express all its complexity and diversity.

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