Wine Region: Adelaide Hills, Australia

Grape: Syrah

Tasting Notes

Attractive pepper-dusted nose that is loaded with spice and fragrance, the oak is a support act to vibrant black cherry and blueberry fruits. The palate is all sappy and succulent, really layered, smooth and juicy tannins have good drive and depth, delivering a long, even blood plum finish.

A nickname for its home in the Coulter Vineyard rather than simply edgy branding, the Cult Syrah needs no pretense with the taste it's rocking. Bright violet in colour, it's a heady and intoxicating Shiraz on the nose that'll have you swooning with sherbet and sorbet flavours before giving way to a bacon fat and salt tang - a dreamboat of balance that you didn't even know was your type.

About the Winery

BK Wines was established in 2007 by Brendon and Kirstyn Keys. The goal has been to create fabulous art. Beautiful, unique, sensuous, deceptively minimalist, envelope-pushing art. After learning from masters in NZ, Argentina and California, we trained our sites on the Adelaide Hills because it's just a cracking great place to live and make wine. With no pretentions to be somewhere it's not and few preconceived notions about what wine styles to expect, this is a place where non-conformity is the rule. Our little winery is situated in the Hills where it is tucked away surrounded by bush land.

The fruit is all handpicked and wild yeasts are used during fermentation. Brendon uses a minimalist approach to gently guide well-chosen fruit to a beautiful final result in the bottle.


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