Tasting Notes

Fresh, decadent and thick, this juice is harvested from an organic orchard in Germany. 100% pure juice with no additives. The essence of summer. Perfect on its own, but we also love it when with a splash of Prosecco!

About the Winery

Fruit processing has a long tradition in our family. Founded in 1917 as Rheinische Apfelkrautfabrik, we started producing fruit juices in 1930, initially as a Lohnmosterei. Even today, orchard owners from the Lower Rhine and the adjoining Mensterland can be used to squeeze their apples into juice as a reward. Even today, we hold on in the third and fourth generation of proven, craftsman Mostertradition and press all domestic fruits themselves. It fills us with gratitude and pride after 100 years to continue this business as a family business.


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