Wine Region: McLaren Vale, Australia

Grape: Chardonnay

Tasting Notes

Twiggy Daisy Bush (Olearia ramulosa) is an evergreen shrub with small brilliant white flowers that are commonly seen in bridal bouquets and adorning the gardens throughout the WOODSTOCK Estate. WOODSTOCK Twiggy Blanc de Blancs Sparkling was created from Chardonnay with love and celebration in mind. A light and elegant wine that is perfect for a party or for any occasion.

About the Winery

Woodstock has enjoyed a strong reputaton for making Cabernet Sauvignon since 1982. Situated in the higher and cooler end of the Vale, the estate is the perfect home for the variety, with warm, sunny days and cool evening gully and sea breezes ensuring the Cabernet ripens well and retains its natural acidity and full-bodied style.

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