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Francesco Cirelli

Abruzzo is an exquisitely charming region on the Adriatic coast that has thrived with viticulture and winemaking for thousands of years. Francesco calls the region of Abruzzo home, though his initial career took him to northern Italy and studies in business administration. Around the same time, there was an undying need to be tied to agriculture, the land of his home in Abruzzo. He founded Azienda Agricola Cirelli in 2003.

The region’s main grape varieties are Montepulciano and Trebbiano, the king and queen of Abruzzo, remaining the native varieties, even having been cultivated there for thousands of years. The wines have been organically certified since 2006, a mere three years after the winery was founded. More and more, Francesco has been incorporating biodynamic practices, continuing to emphasize the importance of returning to traditional small farming. The goal was never to be just a winemaker, but rather to have a mindset including a full circle of life.