A wine’s temperature determines its flavour, and hence affects enjoyment. To prevent factors such as temperature, humidity and light influencing the wine’s quality, Liebherr wine cabinets offer perfect, protective storage conditions. Interior humidity levels are high and innovative technologies ensure protection against UV light and vibrations. In addition, the temperature can be adjusted according to whether the wine is to be enjoyed in the near future or whether it is to be stored longer-term.

Conveniently offering conditions similar to a wine cellar, Barrique wine storage cabinets are ideal for long-term storage and the ageing of wine. These appliances maintain a constant temperature throughout the entire interior, and can be set to between +5°C and +20°C.

Electronic control system

The precise electronic control system features a digital temperature display. The door and temperature alarm alerts users of any irregularities, e.g. the door being left open. The child lock function prevents any inadvertent adjustments to the control panel.

LED interior lighting

These glass door appliances have interior lighting that is flush-integrated in the ceiling. It has a separate on/off function and ensures particularly attractive presentation of the wine.

Insulated glass

The insulated tinted-glass door not only provides reliable UV protection but also ensures a wonderful view of the wine collection; and the ergonomically designed, slimline black handle reiterates the appliance’s subtle design.

Wooden shelves

The sturdy, handcrafted shelves, made from untreated wood, are ideal for safely storing Bordeaux bottles. Positioning the bottles in opposite directions on the shelves permits full use of the appliance’s capacity. Additional wooden shelves are available as accessories.

FreshAir activated charcoal filter

These wine storage cabinets have an easy-to-replace FreshAir activated charcoal filter to guarantee optimal interior air quality.