1731 Fine & Rare Barbados 8 YO Rum


The 1731 Barbados 8 Year Old is a Single Origin Rum that has been carefully selected for color, flavor and regional character of the island. This Single Origin Rum blends a range of Barbados rums, some distilled in a traditional Column Still and others in an authentic Pot Still.

These exceptional local rums are then aged for a minimum of 8 years in oak barrels that previously contained bourbon to maximize natural flavor.

Amber color.

Complex combination of notes of vanilla, spices and caramel.
Cinnamon and smoky oak.

Caramel, vanilla, dried apples and apricots as wel as notes of banana and smoky oak.

Long dry finish.

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Distillery Profile:
This unique collection of rums from the Caribbean and South America explores a diverse array of Latin flavors and countries. Far more than just a brand name, 1731 represents a new perspective on rum, bringing great taste dating back centuries right here to your glass.

The history books mark 1731 as the year that the British Royal Navy started offering its sailors a half-pint of rum as part of their wages. Promising full-bodied flavor and rich color, rum has been an integral part of the region’s history for hundreds of years.

Today, 1731 stands for a unique range of rums, each with a distinctive character that speaks volumes about where it comes from. The collection consists exclusively of rums that proudly boast their natural color and flavor without relying on additives.

The 1731 collection consists of 3 unique regional rum blends and 3 unique single origin rums ranging from Central America to the tip of the South American continent.

Region: Santiago De Cuba, Cuba
Volume: 700ml