Amrut Bagheera Single Malt Whisky Coffret 2 Glasses


Produced from 99% unpeated malted barley and 1% peated malted barley, this Amrut, whose name means “black panther” in Hindi, was finished in a sherry cask. Besides inevitably bringing us wonderful bookish memories from our childhood, its palette of aromas and flavours is abundantly natural and generous. In this way, notes of peat and smoke happily cause mischief throughout a tasting that gladly marries fresh fruits and other drier fruits. Outstanding.

The very complex first nose is characterized by notes of nuts (walnut, almond) and caramel. Allowed to breathe, vanilla pod and toffee eloquently accompany aromas of peat and smoke. The remarkably fruity (orange, apricot, peach) attack also adds new nuts (chestnut, sweet chestnut). With a taffeta-like texture, the mid-palate then reveals rich notes of toffee. Very long and deliciously vanilla, the end of the palate is criss-crossed by increasingly thick wisps of smoke.

ABV 46% | 70cl

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Distillery Profile:
Amrut released its first single malt for the Scottish market in 2004. 25 years later, the move has been proven an undeniable success and the brand is now sold in 44 countries worldwide. It is also rather noteworthy that, in order to maintain the distillery’s 450 staff in employment, the owners have refused any form of automation. This particularly stunning version has perfectly assimilated all of the flavours and aromas of its rum-cask ageing. Constantly seeking authenticity, it wonderfully showcases the qualities of a palette of flavours and aromas that never loses sight of its very essence, malted barley.

Region: Bangalore, India
Grapes: NIL
Volume: 700ml