Amrut Kadhambam Whisky


Nose : Rich and floral, honeyed, nutty, new oak, vanilla, lifted fruit aromas of citrus and tropical fruits;

Taste : Candied fruits, subtle oak with a light dusting of peat and integrated spice;

Finish : Warming and complex with a dry, long finish;

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Distillery Profile:
An absolute revelation, Amrut single malt is beyond any doubt the most outstanding Indian whisky. A big whisky-consuming country, this subcontinent is also one of the world’s major producers. However, Amrut is the only whisky with the qualities required to be sold in Europe. Founded in 1948, a few months after India’s independence, this company based in Bangalore in southern India began to produce whisky according to the Scottish model. Unique in the world of single malts, the warehouse which contains mainly bourbon barrels acts as an “age-accelerator” thanks to its location (approx. 1,000 metres above sea level) and the tropical climate.

Region: Bangalore, India
Grapes: NIL
Volume: 700ml