Artist Collective 2.0 Distilled At Linkwood 21 YO 1997


The Linkwood distillery holds a special in the heart of many enthusiasts, and for good reason. Boasting a charming combination of tradition and modernity, it produces a fairly niche single malt that is very representative of Speyside whiskies. Its key characteristics include a delicate mouthfeel, pure fruit and noble spices. This superb and extremely complex sherry cask bottling wonderfully embodies the Linkwood style, adding one deadly sin – greed.

Rich (sticky rice cake) initial nose also reveals a lovely exotic rancio. Allowed to breathe, it becomes increasingly fruity and spicy. The rich attack is delicately powdered (cocoa) and exotic (mango). The smooth finish is floral (wilted Rosé), spicy and luscious (coriander). Small Batch of 5 casks – refill sherry hogsheads.

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Distillery Profile:
In the same way, each of the single malts found in our new Artist Collective range draws the richness of their olfactory and gustatory palettes from the marriage of various casks. Devoted to diversity, every region and every style of Scottish single malt, peated and unpeated, are represented.

Within this range we also find 43%, 48%, 57.1% (100 proof) and cask-strength bottlings. To illustrate the labels of the seven bottlings in our second collection, La Maison du Whisky has called on contemporary artists from very different backgrounds. Each of them brings their own very personal touch that echoes the richness of the single malts selected!

Region: Speyside, Scotland
Grapes: NIL
Volume: 700ml