Francois Janoueix Bellevue D’Arthus 2018


Belle Vue D’Arthus has a bright pomegranate red color with a scent of blackberries and red fruits. Easy to drink and well balanced. Not only ripe red fruits are noted on the tongue, but also notes of cocoa and soft spices.

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Winery Profile:
Located in the area between Dordogne and Garonne Rivers, near Saint-Emilion, the name “Genevičve d’Arthus” is coming from an ancient Lady, owner of an estate in the place named “Arthus”.

The Janoueix family has been perpetuating the art of vines and wine for over 100 years, holding a great reputation for their wines by the constant search for quality. Their wine-growing practices are in keeping with the tradition and respectful of the environment, and harvesting is done 100% by hand. The Janoueix family is both a winegrower and wine merchant, thereby holding many valuable brands under their portfolio.

Region: Bordeaux, France
Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot
Volume: 750ml