Black Tomato Gin 500ml


The taste is very pure, full of nuances of merlot, salt and citrus, with a solid strength. Dark fruit with a rich, sweet and dynamic flavour and a hint of smoke. The tomato flavour is subtle, and continues to hang nicely in the mouth.

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Distillery Profile:
BLACK TOMATO SPIRIT is from Dutch soil, made from organic black tomatoes from Sicily.

A spirit with a unique taste! A product that complements every assortment. The sprit has a clear nose of tomato and a nice, full, soft and round pallet.

The tomatoes are macerated and the liquid is distilled in a copper pot.

The dark pigments are called Anthocyanins, a type of Phytonutrient, or plant compound, hailed for its potential disease-fighting benefit.

Region: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Volume: 500ml