Bodegas Naia K-Naia 2019


The wine K-Naia Verdejo has a pale waxy colour with some bright greenish tinges. Aromas of underbrush, ripe pears, citrus and white flowers. On the background, this blend of Verdejo & Sauvignon Blanc suggests notes of aromatic herbs, pineapple and dry earth. Unctuous and smooth, with a great acidity and a refreshing character. Some bitter notes, combined with notions of citrus and aromatic herbs. This wine by Bodegas Naia is pleasantly dry, with a medium, rewarding finish.

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Winery Profile:
Regarding to the climat, the region of Rueda sits within a continental and Mediterranean area of influence. Due to its altitude (between 700-800 metres above sea level), it suffers extreme seasonal changes of temperature, with a difference of almost fifty degrees centigrade between the harsh winter and the dry, hot summer. In addition, the rainfall is scarce, registering an average annual precipitation that never exceeds 500 litres. These values turn the vines into natural survivors and favour a balance between the alcohol and acidity levels of the Verdejo clusters.

Region: Rueda, Spain
Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc, Verdejo
Volume: 750ml