Champagne Dom Caudron Epicurienne


A word to the wise: the soul of the village of Passy-Grigny exudes from the Epicurienne. Winemakers have selected the delicious mature Meunier grapes made from vines aged over 50 years old. This vintage toasts food lovers’ every day pleasure. Pair this champagne with a seafood or sushi platter. It is surprisingly delicious with roasted pineapple and flambéed bananas.

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Winery Profile:
The roots of Champagne Dom Caudron are in Passy-Grigny, a village in the Marne Valley where a famous priest, Aimé Caudron, had a visionary and promising idea. The generous epicurean was an iconic vine growing figure in this Marne Valley’s village. He loved eating in the village vine growers’ homes and brightened up banquets with his passion. Dom Caudron knew that the wine they served at mealtimes to enjoy every day.

Region: Champagne, France
Grapes: Meunier
Volume: 750ml