Château D’Yquem 2000 375ml


A year that had several major advantages in terms of weather: temperatures 2°C above average between March and September and a slight water stress. Grapes harvested during the first pass confirmed having lived up to their potential. Unfortunately, however, relentless rain in October ruined nearly 80% of the crop, and production was limited to 25,000 bottles. A vintage reminiscent of 1982.

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Winery Profile:
Château d’Yquem’s topsoil is warm and dry, accumulating heat thanks to smooth flat pebbles and coarse gravel. The clay subsoil contains good water reserves and there are numerous springs on the estate. Drainage pipes were installed some time ago to prevent waterlogging (100 km of drains since the 19th century). Yquem’s large size made it possible to plant 113 hectares of vines on a very representative sampling of the rich tapestry of the Sauternes region’s soil types. This extraordinary variety of soils is a key factor in the quality and complexity of Château d’Yquem.

Region: Sauternes, France
Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon
Volume: 375ml