Château Guiraud Set Of 3 1996/1998/2002


1996: Resulting from a very early harvest never seen since 1883, and a very pure botrytis, Guiraud 1996 is today a complex and fine wine. Amber color, the nose is sappy, spicy, on apricot candied but also black tea and hints of toasted berries, vanilla, supported by a very good acidity.

1998: The nose offers a lot of distinction, with aromas of candied fruit, honey and smoke, notes of citrus, acacia, flowers. The mouth is of great complexity and has citrus notes. The wine is fat, full, mellow with great acidity.

2002: It is elegant, rich, very typical with aromas of frangipane, white flowers, orange, pear and citrus zest. The spices of botrytis are revealed through notes of green tea and pepper. A nice balance acidity, fat and long in the mouth.

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Winery Profile:
The philosophy of Château Guiraud is guided by the perpetual questioning and the requirement to let nature do so that the vine blossoms fully under the passionate eye of man.
Château Guiraud is forerunner in many areas and uses 100% natural environmental practices. The planting of hedgerows of various species, the management of the natural grassing of rows of vines, the establishment of birdhouses and insect hotels illustrate in part our commitment to the preservation of biodiversity and ecological control.
Since 2001, Château Guiraud has had its own conservatory. This natural heritage contains more than 135 strains of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc. This action makes it possible to maintain the diversity of the grape varieties and to guarantee the perenniality of the vineyard.

Region: Bordeaux, France
Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon
Volume: 0ml