Château Kefraya Collection Amphora 2017


Amphora is the first Lebanese wine made in clay jars to be released … since the Phoenicians.

Château Kefraya created this cuvee to rediscover the identity of Phoenician wines, which gained notoriety 4,000 years ago, thanks to the richness of our terroir and the “amphora winemaking” know-how.

Recreating this winning combination is the challenge undertaken by Château Kefraya on this same terroir. The result is a singularly different wine, with exclusive flavors that cannot be found in any other wine in Lebanon.

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Winery Profile:
Located in the West Bekaa Valley, the large estate of Château Kefraya has been the Bustros family’s property for generations.The castle is built starting 1946 on an artificial hill used by the Romans centuries ago to observe their troop movements.
Founder and visionary Michel de Bustros undertakes massive works to implant Château Kefraya’s vineyards on those magnificent hillsides. The first vines are planted in 1951 and in 1979 – despite the Lebanese civil war (1975-1990) – Château Kefraya starts producing its own wine with its own grapes grown in its own vineyard and vinified in its own cellar. In the early 80’s, “Les Coteaux de Kefraya” 1982 and 1983 win the winery’s first international medals and Château Kefraya starts exporting its wines to France.
In 1997, American wine critic Robert Parker awards Comte de M 1996 91/100, qualifying it “An amazing accomplishment in Lebanon”.
Today, Château Kefraya is present in more than 40 countries over the five continents.

Region: Bekaa Valley, Lebanon
Grapes: Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah/Shiraz, Tempranillo
Volume: 750ml