Daftmill 2009 Summer Release Asia Batch B.Bros Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700ml

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This right here is the 2009 Summer Batch Release from Daftmill! It was made with Optic barley, distilled back in 2009 and left to age until it was eventually bottled in 2020. This edition was drawn from a combination of bourbon barrels and a first-fill Oloroso sherry butt.

Nose: Soft dried fruit sweetness, balanced by hints of lemon meringue pie, cigar box and cereal.

Palate: Caramelised nuts, cinnamon and cardamom spiciness, shortbread, subtly earthy barley leading into a touch of flinty mineral notes.

Finish: Pear drops, stem ginger, another helping of cinnamon and vanilla.

ABV 46%

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Distillery Profile:
Daftmill is one of Scotland’s newest and smallest malt whisky distilleries, based in Fife, a region along the east coast north of Edinburgh. The local geography of the area gives the optical illusion that the stream is running uphill, and so it became known to locals as a backward-running burn (stream), the “Daft” Burn. Lo and behold, the mill that it powered became known as “Daft Mill”.

Though the Cuthbert family have grown malting barley for six generations at Daftmill Farm, brothers Francis and Ian applied for planning permission in 2003, and the distillery was granted its license on St Andrews Day 2005. They use the barley from the farm and water from Daftmill’s own natural spring to produce their malt whiskies. Their first whisky was produced on 16th December 2005, making Daftmill the newest distillery to open in Scotland. Aside from the stills, which were made in Rothes, all the work on the new distillery was carried out by people within a five mile radius of the farm, as well as all of the materials sourced. Daftmill Farm is still a working farm alongside functioning as a distillery, so the brothers only work the still house in the summer and winter, of course limiting production.

The team allowed the whiskies produced at Daftmill ample time to mature before releasing them to the public. Though they legally had whiskies in casks by the start of 2009, the first bottlings weren’t released until 2018

Region: The Lowlands, Scotland
Grapes: NIL
Volume: 700ml