Dewazakura Junmai Dewanosato Sake 720ml


Dewano Sato is the Yamagata’s original rice which had produced with the aim of becoming the best quality. Crisp, clear and full of flavor. A youthful, dry style Sake with umami notes on the nose. Fresh green apple and spice, with a rich, soft mouth feel and good balance. Perfect Umami and acidity balance. Recommended drunk at room temperature or warm.

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Sake Profile:
Type: Junmai 纯米

Rice: Dewanosato 出羽の里

2016 IWC Champion Sake, 2016 USA NSS Gold, 2013 IWC Trophy.

Polish 60% | SMV +1.0 | ABV 15.0% | VOL 720ML

Region: Yamagata, Japan
Volume: 720ml