Domaine de Chatillon Vin de Savoie Rose with Murano Cockscrew

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Corkscrew Art 56 Murano

The patented bimaterial handle contains an iron core throughout its total length in order to guarantee its resistance and safety.
• The combination of the hard ABS plastic and the non-slip soft rubber contour makes a very comfortable grip.
• The corkscrew weighs only 65 grams.
• The stainless steel blade can be easily opened single handed.

Patented Double lever mechanism:

The exclusive soft-pushing double lever mechanism is made of two independent and distinct levers which work with an automatic controlled movement.
The first support is designed to suit any type of bottle.
Domaine de Chatillon Vin de Savoie Rosé 2018
This fresh rose starts with a pink coral wrap, raising subtle notes of mineral flavors, an elegant fresh fruit nose with a predominance of wild strawberry and gourmand citrus. It has a harmonious flavoring finishing with a persistent ending.

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