Domaine Nicolas Mariotti Bindi Cantina Di Torra Blanc 2020


This Patrimonio Blanc, made entirely from Vermentino, is completely delightful, all white flowers and fresh greens herbs and salty edges. It’s got real weight on the palate but feels fresh. Just yummy

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Winery Profile:
The Domaine Nicolas Mariotti Bindi produces organic wines from Corsica. Nicolas Mariotti Bindi produced his first vintage in 2007 in his cellar named Cantina Di Torra, in Oletta. Today, he cultivates 7 hectares in organic agriculture, each parcel being worked to produce a singular wine, worthy of its terroir. Some of the plots benefit from the Patrimonio PDO.

The vines are worked with the greatest respect for the soil, to allow it to regenerate during the winter and to limit erosion. Nicolas Mariotti Bindi’s experience in Burgundy and his personal convictions led him to carry out a massal selection, and thus multiply the vines bearing the best fruit, as well as those which seem to be the most interesting for the balance they give to the wine. The grapes are harvested by hand and put into 500 litre bins to avoid crushing. The wines are natural, only sulphites are used in low doses, below the thresholds allowed for natural wines, displayed on the label. The vinification is carried out in stainless steel and egg cement vats. The wines of the estate are fleshy and velvety, of high quality and unfailing consistency. Delicious in their youth, notably because of their frankness of flavour, they know how to age.

Region: Corsica, France
Grapes: Vermentino
Volume: 750ml