Gosset Champagne Celebris Rosé 2007 With Gift Box


The color is pale pink with ruby-cherry reflections.

The nose expresses aromas of raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and bourbon vanilla, but also fresher notes of flowers such as lilac or violet.

The fresh and ample palate dominated by the red fruit of strawberries, raspberries and currants, provides a soft and enveloping sensation, continuing on notes of grapefruit and lemon.

This “Cuvée CELEBRIS Rosé 2007 Extra-Brut” is made to seduce the finest palates and more generally all lovers of romanticism as an aperitif. It can be served as an accompaniment to carefully chosen dishes, such as rosé tuna, roasted langoustines, lobster, slightly rosé veal, suckling or pre-salted lamb, wild salmon but also with desserts made from strawberries, raspberries, or pink grapefruit.

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Winery Profile:
The history of the GOSSET family begins more than four centuries ago with the first official ancestor of the line, Jean GOSSET (1484-1556), “Seigneur d’A˙ et de Mareuil“. Sixteen generations in direct line, will illustrate after him in A ŕ in Champagne as aldermen, mayors, attorneys, but especially in the culture of the vine and the trade of the wines of Champagne.

Whatever the eras, these men and women will have had the sole ambition to sublimate their terroir. The merger, at the end of the 20th century, with the Cointreau family and the birth of the vintage CELEBRIS cuvées will eventually bring Champagne GOSSET into the upper echelons of prestigious Houses, in France and abroad.

A passion which, from yesterday to today, has shaped the image and notoriety of the oldest wine house in the region, whose name resonates today as a guarantee of excellence for all lovers of great wines. champagnes.

Region: Champagne, France
Grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir Including Red Wine
Volume: 750ml