La Stella Allegretto Merlot 2017

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2017 Allegretto is a classic medium+ body single-vineyard Merlot. A wine that makes its presence known both on the nose and on the attack. Mostly integrated round tannins and a melange of red and black fruit approach you in poise. Raw cacao nibs, wild desert herbs mingle with the fruit and delicate dusty earthy notes; while the past few vintages were all on the more structured side, 2017 vintage can be enjoyed upon release or tucked away to gain complexity and nuances to wow even the biggest Merlot nay-sayers.

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Winery Profile:
Created to capture the vision of la dolce vita – paying homage to the Italian ways – LaStella boldly stepped into the spotlight in 2006. Just as a symphony has its tempo, so do the musically inspired LaStella wines: Leggiero, Vivace, Allegretto, Fortissimo, and Maestoso. Situated by Osoyoos Lake in the South Okanagan Valley, at the northernmost tip of the Sonoran desert, LaStella’s commitment to winemaking excellence is its driving force. Low input viticulture and non-interventionist winemaking philosophy is what has lead to their rise and sought-after following.

Region: British Columbia, Canada
Grapes: Merlot
Volume: 750ml