Ledaig 12 Ans 2005 Gourds & Grasshopper Dong Fang Ming Hua Yang Whisky


Smooth, peaty. Mustard, camphor, almond paste, creamy.

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Distillery Profile:
Distilled in 2005 at the Tobermory distillery, this Ledaig has aged 12 years in bourbon hogshead barrels. Very different from its twin bottled under the Peacock’s Tail Collection, the nose surprises with its lively and spicy notes (mustard) when the mouth becomes smooth and enveloping.

The Taiwanese house Spirits Shop Selection has quickly built an international reputation thanks to the careful selections of Eric Huang, one of the greatest whiskey experts in Asia and a great collector.

The labels proudly display the works of famous Asian artists and showcase single malts bottled at their natural level, from a single barrel.

Region: Others, Scotland
Grapes: NIL
Volume: 700ml