Leopold Gourmel Blair Athol, Age Du Fruit 10 Carat, Age Des Fleur 15 Carat & Age Des Espices 20 Carat

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Leopold Gourmel Age Des Epices 20 Carat
Dark and golden. On the nose really round, some sweet honey hints, here and there leather. In the mouth rather powerful, slow opening – then spicy with pepper notes and coriander. The finish is dominated by ginger and butterscotch.
Leopold Gourmel Age Des Fleur 15 Carat
On the eye the cognac is fine golden, on the nose with some floral and vanilla notes. The taste is round and honeyed with a deep finish.
Leopold Gourmel Age Du Fruit 10 Carat
The colour is pale golden, on the nose slightly bitter but in an enjoyable way. Hints of almond and nuts, the taste is dominated by fruit notes such as citrus, apricot, lemon, and orange.

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