Mandrarossa Timperosse Petit Verdot 2018


Timperosse by Mandrarossa is an expressive red wine aged in steel vats, from the beautiful balance between freshness and fruity scents. Vegetable and aromatic, warm with soft tannins. Thanks to dry climate and to the intense red of the sandy soil, Timperosse contrada presents the ideal habitat for the cultivation of Petit Verdot. Dark red with deep purple highlights, it has an Intense and elegant nose, showing ripe red fruits such as mulberry and plum and aromatic herbs like Rosémary and sage. The mouthfeel is young and lively with soft and gentle tannins.

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Winery Profile:
First produced in 1999, created by the project of land mapping, Mandrarossa became increasingly focused on single-site wines. The selection of the vineyards and cultivars expresses the most exceptional aspects of the Menfi region, located at the coast in south-western Sicily. Their vineyards are farm organically, and their sustainable and environmentally-aware approach is unrivalled in Sicily. The Nero d’Avola and Grillo, by Mandrarossa, have achieved the highest qualities and received numerous awards.

Located in the historic town of Menfi, in the southwest corner of this idyllic Mediterranean island, MandraRossa was guided into modern times by the “father” of contemporary Sicilian wine, Diego Planeta. Diego led the company for 38 years from 1973 to 2011.The making of these wines began by mapping every parcel of vineyard for aspect, gradient and altitude, so that the ideal terroir for each varietal could be selected for planting.

Region: Sicily, Italy
Grapes: Petit Verdot
Volume: 750ml