Nine Oaks Khikhvi – Qvevri 2018


Khikhvi is a deep amber color with medium body, expressing notes of fig and dried apricot with herbaceous notes of rooibos tea, boxwood, and spearmint. The character is reminiscent of a wild farmhouse ale (Saison) and the fruit-flavors will continue to evolve beautifully hours after being opened.

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Winery Profile:
Nine Oaks winery was founded by Anna and Mamuka. Named after nine majestic oak trees standing tall on their family-owned Estate in the town of Eniseli, Nine Oaks Estate uses only organically grown estate fruit to natural craft wines made from spontaneous fermenting native yeast, without the use of chemicals or added sulfites. The winemaker, Mamuka, is an environmentalist and geographer who has dedicated his life to preserving Georgia heritage for the past 40 years.

Region: Kakheti, Georgia
Grapes: NIL
Volume: 750ml