Patricia Green Cellars Dry Muscat 2016 (2 to go)

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Patricia Green Cellars Dry Muscat 2016
It is floral, airy, smells somewhat of creamsicles and gives the indication that it will taste sweet. However, it is absolutely bone dry on the palate and the only sweetness
is the notion that the aromatics leave you with. There is a floral characteristic to fruit with a nice cut of acid to the mid-palate fruit. As the wine opens up, the portion of the wine that was put into Acacia wood to ferment is revealed. Acacia wood does not taste like oak does, largely because it is not oak. It does, in this wine, work with the flavors and acidity of the wine to create a flavor largely reminiscent of lemon merengue pie. There is surprising weight for a white wine carrying such low alcohol and no sugar, so while the wine is light, breezy and refreshing it has texture and mouthfeel that give it complexity and interest. Yes, this wine is basically a total dorkfest in a bottle.

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