Poivre D’Ane Rouge 2020


With its charming, gourmet and fruity (cherry) side, it can be drunk with enthusiasm. While its delicate notes of spices and its touch of silky tannins give it character. An easy to drink organic wine with the right amount of generosity and personality !

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Winery Profile:
In 2013, three friends with knowledge and a passion for wine founded their own “house committed to natural wines”.

Based in the hearth of Languedoc, a house committed to natural wines. To put it simply, they are wine merchants. But with a twist! they called themselves Poivre d’Âne, indeed. And their eco-friendly wines are clean and additive-free. They create a special bond within their winemakers network like Rhone Valley and Provence to select plots and grapes with standards of excellence, but all amidst one philosophy: offering living wine cuvées. Bearing a social and political message from day one, Poivre d’Âne and its nonconformist winemakers decided on excluding chemicals from their activities. Instead, they are relying on natural yeasts derived from the grape itself and low levels of sulfites.

Region: Languedoc, France
Grapes: Grenache Noir, Syrah/Shiraz
Volume: 750ml