Saint & Scholar Pinot Gris 2019


Look: Pinot Gris grape has a grey skin. Gentle winemaking usually leaves a little of this in the wine giving it a blush colour.

Smell: The yeast leaves the aromas of Turkish delight and roses. The grape offers pear and nectarine

Taste: By leaving the wine cloudy as both a juice and a wine, it helps make it soft and gives taste of pears and lychees.

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Winery Profile:
This is a partnership of skill and hands-on winemaking experience between Stephen Dew (a.k.a The Saint) and Reid Bosward (a.k.a The Scholar). Stephen Dew is involved in prestigious wineries such as Prieure Roch in Burgundy where winemaking is akin to religion, while Reid Bosward who owns Kaesler, has the great technical knowledge and the expertise of being involved in top wineries. Therefore, the result is terroir-driven winemaking with sustainable viticulture, natural winemaking elements, and sophisticated complexity.

Region: Adelaide Hills, Australia
Grapes: Pinot Grigio
Volume: 750ml