Seppeltsfield Para 10 YO Grand Tawny


Colour: Mahogany with rich amber hues.

Aroma: A lifted and stylish bouquet displaying lightly toasted almonds, praline and vanilla nougat.

Palate: Medium bodied but rich lingering flavours of toasted nuts, age complexity plus fine brandy spirit complete the Para Grand Tawny palate.

Style: Para Grand Tawny is the result of careful blending of individual vintage parcels to achieve an average age of 10 years. Patiently matured in oak barrels within the historic cellars of Seppeltsfield, Para Grand Tawny displays hallmark palate richness and finesse. Para is an indigenous Australian reference to ‘river’, and the name of the local regions major watercourse.

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Winery Profile:
The Seppeltsfield Centennial Collection is believed to be the world’s only unbroken lineage of single vintage wines spanning more than 130 consecutive vintages. The story of the Centennial Collection began in 1878 when Benno Seppelt decided to lay down “a puncheon of my finest port to be untouched for 100 years.”” The tradition of laying down a barrel of the finest wine from each vintage was continued every year following and continues to do so today. The Centennial Cellar now comprises an unbroken lineage of every vintage from the current year back to 1878.”

Region: Barossa Valley, Australia
Grapes: Grenache, Mourvèdre, Syrah/Shiraz
Volume: 750ml