Skin Gin 500ml


It’s fresh aroma bursts out of the glass, with fragrant wafts of pungent mint and zesty pink grapefruit emerging in a heady mix. To taste, it’s lively, with big booming minty tones and a touch of coriander, which gives way to a fresh, pervasive citrus.

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Distillery Profile:
Founded in Steinkirchen Germany and distilled near Hamburg in the Atles Land (which translates to Old Country) by Martin Birk Jensen, the very first batch of Skin Gin flowed from the still in March 2015. Martin Jensen first founded Skin Gin in 2014 with a distinct concept in mind and a desire to be different. From the beginning of his journey, he had the feeling that many of the Gin brands on the market tasted similar to one another and while delicious, once mixed with tonic were sometimes too difficult to really tell one gin set of botanicals from another.

Region: Steinkirchen, Germany
Volume: 500ml