Stratus Cabernet Franc 2017


Still extremely youthful, the wine is inky on appearance and echoes the depth of colour in terms of its concentration. Blackberry, cassis, black plum, and cedar frame a rich core that offers a plush and extraordinary mouthfeel. Best enjoyed 2020 – 2037. Impressive to see and even more so, to taste!

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Winery Profile:
Sun. Site. Soil. Grapes. People to tend and harvest. A place to make wine. Simple At Stratus, these elements transform into complex, age-worthy wines – expressions of time, of place, and of the essence of our vineyard that are simply extraordinary. Diversity for complexity 10 varieties of red. 6 of white. Vigilantly maintained and rigorously thinned by hand. Wines that capture the “somewhereness” of Stratus.

The vineyard sits on 62 acres near the southeastern border of the Niagara Lakeshore sub-appellation. It shares the benefits of the region with its neighbours, while enjoying advantages that are uniquely its own. The vineyard is far enough away from the moderating influence of Lake Ontario to grow grape varieties that need warmer temperatures in the summer. At the same time, the lake’s proximity helps protect the vines from early frost in the fall.

Region: Ontario, Canada
Grapes: Cabernet Franc
Volume: 750ml