Ximenez-Spinola Brandy Criadera Diez Mil Botel


View: Distilled amber color, clean, bright and glyceric, without edges thanks to the neutrality of the chestnut.

Nose: Intense but not heavy on the nose, with aromas reminiscent of raisins and plums. The persistence of the aroma is basically due to oxidation, being an elegant fragrance.

Mouth: In the mouth it maintains a serene balance, allowing to appreciate the quality of the original aged distillate. Subtle aftertaste of natural sweetness that helps to smooth the alcoholic edges, until they are almost imperceptible.

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Winery Profile:
Ximénez-Spínola is an independent family winery dating from 1729. Located in Jerez de la Frontera, it only produces wines exclusively from the Pedro Ximénez variety. The Winery puts quality and prestige before the quantity of its production, which results in an elaboration of limited and numbered selections of its products, turning each bottle into a unique piece with the guarantee of its excellence and age of its content.

Region: Jerez, Spain
Grapes: Pedro Ximénez
Volume: 700ml