Yamazaki Distillers Reserve Single Malt Whisky


The innovative use of Suntory’s original wine cask nished malt whiskies, or “young talent,” gives this whisky a smoothness and particular fruity sweetness. Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve is a rich, easy-to-drink whisky with a round-bodied, profound and mature taste

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Distillery Profile:
Distiller’s Reserve is the introduction to the Yamazaki brand – pioneer of Japanese whisky.

Luxurious, exclusive, knowledgeable but not pretentious.Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve was released in the European market in 2014.Respecting Yamazaki’s heritage and signature taste, the aged Yamazaki sherry cask and aged mizunara cask malt whiskies are the backbone of this whisky.

Launched in Japan in 2012, this whisky became a good entry for premium Japanese whisky, capturing a wider range of consumers who are interested in trying this well-known brand.

Region: Others, Japan
Grapes: NIL
Volume: 700ml