BK WINES GRENACHE 2018 - Straits Wine


Wine region: Adelaide Hills, Australia

Grape: Grenache

Tasting Notes

A textbook description of Grenache. Essentially this is the Grenache you would put in front of a sensory studies classroom to teach them about Grenache. Intensely perfumed, floral, boiled-candy notes on the nose; rustic, peppery, steak tartare on the palate with a gritty, toothy tannic scaffold. 

About the Winery

BK Wines was established in 2007 by Brendon and Kirstyn Keys. The goal has been to create fabulous art. Beautiful, unique, sensuous, deceptively minimalist, envelope-pushing art. After learning from masters in NZ, Argentina and California, we trained our sites on the Adelaide Hills because it's just a cracking great place to live and make wine. With no pretentions to be somewhere it's not and few preconceived notions about what wine styles to expect, this is a place where non-conformity is the rule. Our little winery is situated in the Hills where it is tucked away surrounded by bush land.

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