Wine Region: Bonifacio, South of Corsica, France


Tasting Notes:

An accuracy of the expression of Bonifacio's clay-limestone terroir by combining finesse, complexity, balance between fruit and acidity, and an obvious predisposition to guard. Its tasting at a young age highlights its volubile aspect, and masterful in its balance.

About the Winery: The birth of Buzzo Bunifazziu is a common passion of vine heritage. For Buzzo’s family, the wine is a family story. Thierry, the son of Vincent Buzzo, launched its operation in 2010 on the family lands at a place called Ciaffara, towards Cala Longa in Bonifacio, medieval town in the Extreme South of Corsica, where the limestone rules over, for make an exceptional terroir.

Winemaking in these same plots dates back to more than 800 years ago; when Bonifacio was a Genoese colony, the cultivation of the vine was already present. History tells that it was the place where the best wines of the island were developed.

Many centuries later, it took courage and pugnacity to reconnect with the family tradition, and thus be the pioneers of the rebirth of the Corsican vineyard; the clay-limestone soil has a lean and inhospitable ground that needed to tame.
Vincent and Thierry, also have in common the respect of nature and men. The enrichment are only organic in order to respect the soil.
Father and son have chosen a young and dynamic team composed of women island men from the Island passionate about their work, bending to the requirements that demand a quality wine.

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