Wine Region: West Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

Grape: Ugni Blanc

Tasting Notes

Nectar de Kefraya is a mistelle, a must made from over-ripe grapes, fortified with brandy of wine distilled at the chateau and aged in barrels for several years.

The Ugni Blanc reveals scents of evolved hazelnuts, honey and warm chocolate. Served chilled, it pairs well with goat cheese, foie gras and chocolate desserts. It can also be served as a digestive.

About the Winery

Located in the West Bekaa Valley, the large estate of Château Kefraya has been the Bustros family’s property for generations.

The castle is built starting 1946 on an artificial hill used by the Romans centuries ago to observe their troop movements.
Founder and visionary Michel de Bustros undertakes massive works to implant Château Kefraya’s vineyards on those magnificent hillsides.

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