Wine Region: Istria, Croatia

Grapes: Malvazija

Tasting Notes

The history of the indigenous variety Malvazija Istarska dates back to possibly before the Venetians. Over 30 types are grown around the Mediterranean. Moreno Coronica’s Malvazija is considered a benchmark example of this indigenous version. It represents almost 75% of his entire production.  In leiu of Garrigue, Croatians champion ‘Freškina’ (sent of the sea) - imagine the sun beating down on rocks covered in seaweed.   With the added nuttiness and texture imparted by barrel aging, the Freškina takes on a smoky brininess.  A perfect pairing with grilled seafood, fish pot-au-feu, and with enough weight to tackle risotto, gnocchi and pasta. 

About the Winery

"The conditions of soil and climate of a winegrowing area influence, in many respects, the organoleptic characteristics of the grapes, and therefore the wine. In the area of Koreniki, the crucial role in this respect is played by the red soil characterised by white calcareous stone, as well as the impact of the sea, dense forest with ancient oaks and rich fauna. All of which belongs to the landscape of Koreniki in Istria. Buzzing tractors, rattling scissors in the vineyards, winegrowers singing, the bura (bora)wind whistling through the rows - all these are the sounds of the cycle of the seasons."

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