Wine Region: Australia

Grape: Shiraz

Tasting Notes: 

This is the most subtle and nuanced incarnation of this stand out wine to date. The delicacy of the 2016 vintage is showcased in this poised wine that still manages to express all the intensity we have come to expect from Directors’ Cut. Look for fresh fruit character to lead the charge and the targeted use of oak to offer perfectly balanced structure.

About the Winery

At Heartland we talk lovingly of our vines and soil, of our hard work and attention to detail and of the time taken in barrel and bottle to make the wines we offer. What does it all mean? What is it all for? The end result is all that matters. It is that moment when you open a bottle of Heartland and discover all those sensations we have strived to include. It is the moment when the aromas, the texture and the flavours combine to fill your senses. You are the most important part of the whole endeavour.

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