The paragon of The Art of Japanese craftsmanship. Japanese Harmony is an introduction to the whole Japanese whisky category.

The Hibiki brand is one of the flagship brands in the portfolio; it was launched in 1989 to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Suntory Corporation. The Hibiki Japanese Harmony pays tribute to the original Hibiki launched in 1989, which was first introduced as a “none age statement” whisky. This new whisky was created to be the epitome of the Hibiki blend. Chief Blender Shinji Fukuyo challenged himself to design a quintessential Hibiki blend by meticulously refining it to capture the core of a true Hibiki.

Tasting Notes:

There is a transparency of taste that allows this whisky to reveal all of its complexities simultaneously. Here more than 10 malts and 3 grain whiskies up to approximately 20 years old are, blended together to create an enveloping harmony of avours and aromas.

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