James Halliday - 95 pts : "Quartz-white; made from estate vines over 50 years old; winemaker Reid Bosward has grasped the nettle, picked early at Hunter Valley baume levels, and not fiddled around with oak. This will develop superbly, already having an attention-getting display of lemon, apple and lime, buttressed by crystalline acidity."

The Wine Front - 91 pts: " From a 50-year-old semillon vineyard and winemaker Reid Bosward, of course, worked with Tyrrell's in his time, which, of course, means you should know something about making wines with the variety, of course. Only tasted in one sitting, for this note, so far. Has bright, quartzy mineral, floral and spiky citrus aromatic notes. The palate has requisite tang for refreshment, a fine, intense line of acidity that keeps the wine's aperture very slim. A cavalcade of pleasantly bitter citrus and mixed peel, then a long, talc-like texture to finish. Some will find the intensity of citrus breathtaking, others appealing for definition and energy. I like."

Fruit was hand-picked early in the morning to avoid the heat. Pressed then the juice naturally settled and fermented warm with natural yeast for regional definition and texture. No fining. Light filtration.

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